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Prop 36 has been helping people enter treatment and improve—and even save—their own lives since July 2001. Since then, over 60,000 Californians have completed drug treatment and had a good chance at recovery.

These are the stories of some of those people. If you would like to include your story, let us know by clicking on the "Submit Your Story" link above.

Gary McNeil


Gary M. used drugs for 30 years before he was able to turn around his life when he was offered Prop 36 in the beginning of August of 2002. Gary lost job after job, lost his home and was living in a tent in a canyon when he was picked up on a possession charges and offered the choice between years in prison and treatment in Prop 36.

Gary was 47 when he entered Prop 36. After attending a residential program, he joined a twelve step program and now is a regular service
member. He had the opportunity to move in with his daughter and meet his grandchildren for the first time. He graduated from Prop 36 in February of 2003.

Gary is a firm believer in Prop 36 and says that many clients who enter face the difficulty of mental health problems. He traces his own drug use to self-medicating for painful experiences early in his life.

"Before I entered Prop 36 I never saw my family during the holidays. Yesterday I bought toys for my grandchildren. I am now a productive member of society" he said. Gary has his driver's license, owns two vehicles, has a job and rents an apartment.

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